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Rosemary & Garlic Rapeseed Oil - Leafy Seadragon Refill Co Ltd

Yorkshire Drizzle Rosemary & Garlic Rapeseed Oil

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For perfect Roast Potatoes simply add parboiled potatoes to a roasting pan pre heated with this fabulous Rosemary and Garlic Rapeseed Oil. But don't use just for spuds, lamb loves Rosemary & Garlic, and pork is a pretty good match too. Or simply use this oil to dip some fresh crusty bread, for a tasty, well deserved snack.

For the best roast potatoes ever

Ideal as a marinade for roast Lamb

Drizzle a little over Italian hams, salamis etc

Use in homemade bread making

Stir through mashed potatoes

Yorkshire Drizzle is based locally in Holmfirth.

PLEASE NOTE:  Millilitres relates to the size of the bottle refilled.  Actual contents are approximate.