Jack&Fred Snack Bag

Jack&Fred Snack Bag

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No need for single use cling film and plastic bags with these reusable sandwich bags!

Made from 100% cotton fabric lined with a unique water resistant lining to prevent leaks.

The lining is called PUL and the type I use is manufactured in an eco friendly process using heat rather than toxic solvents.

No VOCs are emitted during this process.

This lining is food safe and BPA free.

Snack Bag measure approx 15cm x 15cm

Velcro provides a secure fastening to keep even small nuts and grains safe inside.

Can be handwashed in the sink with hot soapy water but if you feel it the outer is dirty it can also be machine washed at 30°C.

Do not tumble and do not iron the waterproof side.

Although made from polyester it is designed to be used over and over again so is a vast improvement on the single use plastic bags and wraps.

It is recommended to use a microfiber catcher when washing any man made fibres to stop these micro plastics getting into the water. Guppy bag or Cora Ball are 2 great brands for this!


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