Jack&Fred Re-usable Fabric Mask

Jack&Fred Re-usable Fabric Mask

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Disposable sanitary products are a single use product that ends up in land fill or even in the sea after disposal. Let's stop this and switch to reusable. 

Available in regular and heavy absorbence levels to suit your needs. 

The cloth sanitary pads (CSP's) are  made from a soft cotton top layer, filled with a super absorbent zorb layer and finished with an organic cotton fleece bottom layer. *Please note that the fleece does bobble after washing due to the organic nature of the fibres. 

I have chosen breathable materials which leave you feeling fresher and more comfortable. 

Available in these sizes and absorbency levels:

9inch Regular: 1 layer of Zorb

11inch Heavy: 2 layers of Zorb

Double plastic snaps on the wings mean you can secure the pad in place and adjust to fit different styles of underwear. 

To clean:

  • Rinse in cold water to prevent stains and then just pop in with your normal laundry.
  • Fabric softener will reduce absorbency so can't be used with CSP's. 
  • Air drying is best but can be tumbled on low if necessary. 

 Designs will be sent at random.