Our Sponsors

We are extremely grateful to the businesses and individuals who set us on the road and have helped many local people to shop in a more sustainable way.


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Mick Bateman Roofing, Humberside Excavations, Chris Byrd, RooDog Ebikes, Assured Accountancy, Darren Barden (The Barber's Chair), ABC Tiling, Safe Haven Solutions, The Hayloft

We would especially like to thank the wonderfully talented Cindy Lane who generously donated her artwork for use in our logo and for our van livery.


Bethan Ashbridge, Natalie Damen, Holly Blincow, Sharon Bell, Caroline Keam, Lisa Gray, Lucy Wright, Nathalie North, Anna Carr, Jayne Bickerton, Bethanie Harrison. Sara Pascoe, Robbie Fowler, Pauline Blakeston, Rachel Waites, Anna Fisher, Kath Connor, Martin Rowbotham, Sharon McKenna, Hannah Goodall, Jenni Dodd, Fran Burkill, Sheila Jarvis, Mieke, Sharon Denton, Leoni Freeman, Jayne Haigh, Saadia Ansari, Andrea Kirk, Jade Harvatt, Lynn Burrows, CW Accounts Ltd, Paula Rowbotham, Emma Sunley, Adam Jarvis, Jess Gash, Cheryl Kennedy, Hannah Cox, Tina Cox, Rhian Herring, Amy Johnson, Kathryn Roberts, Janey Ash, Lee Guest, Kelly Wellard,  Scott Morley, Lydia Sidney, Katy Hornby, Barry Sanderson, Pete & Sheila Jarvis, Sallie Hammond, NatWest Staff Vouchers, Alison Moulds, Sharon Bell, Bethan Ashbridge, Lucy Midgley, Jenny Thomas, Josh Beck, Graham Dawson, Holly Blincow, Paul & Molly Sinnott, Asher Anderson, Jake Preston, Fiona Savage, Keith Twigg, Rachel Jones, Colette Coulter, Holly Jukes, Aaron Wall, Katie Whelan, Stephanie Wall, Nick Reid, Gaynor Alexander, Thomas Alexander, Sharon McKenna, David Clark, Shannon Barden, Joseph Harvatt, Jackie Horn, Ruth Skinner, Lauren Pettman, Corinne Brown, Paul Duckworth, Charlie Duckworth, Tricia Wylam, Emma Wickenden, Marion Hodder, Helen Lucas, Ross Tuhill, Sheila Close, Bridget O’Donnell, Laura Henderson, Stephen Wickenden, Ann Wickenden, Gregory Wickenden, Anthony Wickenden, Breda Robertson, Harvey Beck, Linda Hammond, Jon Hawkett, Emma Alexander, Rick Sear, Anne Ash, Hannah Goodall, Sally Wilson, Vincent Gibbs, Bernie Maloney, Pauline Calver, Sue White, Mary Channon, Toni Stephenson, Paula Rowbotham, Holly Exeter, Stuart Beck, Will Birchall, Ben Alexander, Sam Jeremiah, James Atkinson, Adam Jarvis, Sarah Scott Senior, Pat Yoxen, Jack Sear, Emma Evlat, Madeleine Rumble, Averil, Holly Blincow, P Skinner, Gillian Skinner, Jean Sear, Shane Kay.

Thanks to you all for your help and support.