WANTED: USED EGG BOXES. Please pop them in with your empties or drop them into the shop. Thank you.

How It Works

Place your order

Once you have placed your first order through the website, we will be in touch with a welcome email.  This will confirm the date of your first delivery and more information about the process.  The welcome email will include a link to pay a £5 deposit which covers the cost of keeping the crates and containers in circulation.  If you choose not to shop with us any more, return our containers and your deposit will be refunded.


We deliver in our zero emissions 100% electric van called Roo on a fortnightly delivery schedule weekdays between 5pm and 9pm.

We will send a fortnightly email reminder to advise when we are next delivering in your area.  This is purely a reminder and there is no obligation to place an order.  You can order as little or often as you like and the reminder can be changed to monthly if required.


On receipt of your order, please decant the contents into your own containers. 


Leave out your empties for collection. 

We can collect when you next place an order, or let us know if you need them out of the way and we will come and get them.


Place another order.

Only want a one-off delivery? No problem. Sign up and we will deliver your order.  On return of the crate and empty containers we will refund your deposit.
*There is a £5 minimum order value.