Pantry Goals!

We often get asked by our customers about storage for the dried foods we sell - and where is the best place to buy jars and containers.

The first go to should always be to use what you already have - Refill and Reuse!

Here are some ideas;

  • Cereal bags cleaned and pegged shut
  • Cheese zip lock bags
  • A Pringle tube - great for spaghetti/linguine
  • Takeaway tubs
  • Large yoghurt pots
  • Passata jars
  • Existing pasta / rice packets taped or pegged shut

The cheese seal and shut / zip lock bags are also great for your sandwiches or for freezing things in. I wash them in warm soapy water and dry inside out between uses.


 Another firm favourite is a glass jar. You can easily see the contents and they are airtight - so great for things like dried fruit and nuts.  I am a bit of a jar hoarder, and love collecting different shapes and sizes.  


The sticky labels can be a pain! I have found this method the best to get the labels off;

  • Soak in hot water and get as much of the label off as possible
  • Mix bicarb with any oil into a paste, then wipe this over the sticky residue on the jar. 
  • Leave for a few hours, or overnight.
  • Scrub off the glue!

If there is just a small amount of sticky residue, lemon essential oil on a damp cloth works a treat too!

You can also get creative labelling your jars! A local company Burn, Cut, Create offer vinyl labels on jars! Check them out here: Burn Cut Create | Facebook

Another tip I saw on Pinterest (which I used for labelling the gingerbread cookie jars at Christmas) is to print off the label in your desired font, and tape it to the inside of the jar. You can then trace the writing on the outside of the jar using a Sharpie / marker or Posca Pen!


Get creative and use what you have! We would love to see pictures of your storage hacks so please share!